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drabbles's Journal

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Welcome to Drabbles, the community for the short attention span and the plotbunny-plagued!

What Is A Drabble?
A drabble is a story exactly 100 words long (not counting title/disclaimer, if applicable).

What Are The Rules?
Half-drabbles (50 words) are also accepted, but the jury's still out on on double-drabbles (200 words). Feedback is encouraged, but flames, plagiarism, and off-topic spam are not. This community IS moderated.

Is There A Rating Cap?
Nope. But please use a warning and an LJ-CUT for adult-rated drabbles. To do an LJ-CUT, paste this after your warning but before your drabble (just change the part between quotes):

<LJ-CUT TEXT="say something clever here">

What Can I Post Here?
All fandoms are welcome! This community will have a strong Lord Of The Rings slant at first, but you are encouraged to publicize us in other fandoms and bring in new blood. Please do!

What About RPS?
Nothing against it, but let's try to stick to fictional characters for now. As for LOTR RPS: Drabbles was inspired by lotr_hundreds, and we don't want to steal their thunder, so please post it there instead. :)

On a sad note I would like to add that _redpanda_ has passed on 9/22/05. She was this communities heart and always will be.