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A World of Scribbles

worldofscribble is a brand new writing community with a monthly competition for the best author and critiquer.

This community was created in order to foster writing. How exactly do we plan to accomplish that? Here's our premise.
(For a less list-oriented approach, please see the community's Welcome Message.)

  1. In order to get good at something, you have to practice. Every month, you are invited to submit a work or works to this community. (No more than four submissions per month please!)

  2. Membership here is open, but we want this community to be interactive. So, constructive criticism of submissions is definitely encouraged. In fact, if you make a habit of posting your own submissions while failing to offer feedback on anyone else's work, don't be surprised when the maintainer reminds you to do so. Conversely, you don't technically have to write one word publicly to be a member here, but you should still give an author feedback on what they've written.

  3. At the end of every month, your maintainer will post a poll consisting of all the works submitted for consideration. If you like something, vote for it. If there's more than one submission you want to vote for, go right ahead. Once the voting period ends, your maintainer will count up the votes for each submission, and announce the winner.

  4. Remember that bit about participation and constructive criticism being important? During each month's vote, participants will also be asked to vote for the person who has given the best critiques for that month's submissions.

  5. If you would like to submit something for feedback, but not have it voted on, just let us know when you post it by using the No Vote tag.

  6. Aside from writing and voting, community members are also encouraged to talk about the writing process. What is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing? What doesn't work?

  7. Because we feel that reading is part of learning how to write well, members are also welcome to post book recommendations, although the majority of posts should obviously concern writing.

The boring stuff:

  • Before you submit your first entry, please introduce yourself to the community. (Please make use of the Intro tag.)

  • When submitting a piece to be voted on, please give it some sort of working title. People are more likely to vote for your work if it's got a title, rather than simply being referred to as Choice X on the ballot.

  • Be polite. You're certainly welcome to explain why you didn't like a submission, just be nice about it.

  • If your work is more than a few paragraphs or stanzas in length, please use the LJ Cut to put your submission behind a link.

  • Please tag your posts by the appropriate category. A list of all the tags we use is shown below, separated by commas.
    Book Recommendations, Discussion, Explicit Sexual Content, Fantasy, Intro, Lyrics, Nonfiction, No Vote, Poetry, Poll, Promotion, Prose, Revision, Rough Draft, Question, Sci-Fi, Script, Strong Language, Violence, Welcome, Writing Challenge.

  • If your work contains elements such as Strong Language, Violence, or Explicit Sexual Content, please alert the community by adding the appropriate tag.

  • When posting, please do not link to your own journal, or to another LJ community. This community is as much about discussion of writing as writing itself, and placing your submission elsewhere inhibits discussions here.

  • If you have a question for this community's maintainer, or a complaint about another community member, e-mail it to AWorldofScribbles@gmail.com.

Good luck.
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