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Title: Contemplate
Author: </a></b></a>haruki_emishi
Fandom: Pocahontas ( of course )
Character(s): Wiggins
Rating: G
Notes: Something that popped into my head after listening to the song 'Savages'. I hope people remember this movie/character!


    Smith has been captured by the Indians, terrible thing to have happen to someone really. To be captured that is I could not possibly fathom how frightening it probably is. Governor Ratcliffe started going on about how they were filthy, heathens, a dirty race that needed to be killed off. His word is above mine so I would not be able to refute him even if I wanted too. But, I stood there by the wooden gate watching the men march off with their muskets, and I could not help but feel a twang of sympathy. Not for us heaven's no but for the Indians he was going to attack. The information passes through my mind over and over again as I retreat back to my tent. We invade their land, cut down their trees, dig up their earth and for gold right? Gold we have no even come across yet even though Ratcliffe swears up and down that it is here, and that they are hiding it. Well, if they were hiding it wouldn't Smith have seen it when he talked with one of them? I mean you could call me half out of my wits but it makes perfect sense to me. They attacked because we impolitely set foot upon their land and started claiming everything left and right without any permission. I mean I could be speaking out of line but, it would not be any different if a Spaniard with his Armada came onto English shores and stated, "I claim this land in the name of Spain!".

...I suppose I could be right.

Honestly, I really do not know what my stand is on this. On the one hand I feel as if we have committed some unresolvable wrong, and that we truly are the ones at fault in this. On the other hand I am unable to speak up for fear of losing my job....or getting hanged. Either one does not sound too keen to my mind really. Well I suppose losing one's job is a plight which can be remedied. Losing your life is not exactly something you can fix.
     "....He led us on a wild goose chase." I sighed to myself and sat down downtrodden on my covers. No, Governor Ratcliffe would not just lead us across an ocean for nothing! I mean given he has never quite had the reputation for being too trustworthy, or popular even for that matter. But, a journey this long and far would not have been done for nothing at all. Nothing at all except for when he stated it was for adventure and gold. And ....
    "....that is was all his for the taking." I said quietly recounting his words when we arrived. All his for the taking, all of it, the glory and riches would be all his. I looked up and sighed hanging my head again. It was all for greed and power. Not for adventure, freedom, or the pursuit of things to better us, England, the colony at large. Governor Ratcliffe was only dragging a hundred so men, plus myself, half way across the world for HIS gain. Not ours, not King James, no one else's but himself so he could look better in the eyes of the court! Not that people don't want to look good in the eyes of their compatriots but it's still the reasoning of the matter. The principle of the thing really. Or maybe I am just over thinking this entire matter and I am completely wrong, and this is all just one big misunderstanding.

....Well I wouldn't be TOO far from the truth there.

I pull back the opening of the tent and look out into the dark. It was really quite eerie around here when there was no one else around to talk too.
    "If they haven't attacked up multiple times then ....they aren't looking for war. What if they want to come to a treat?" Or what if I was completely wrong and I would be ambushed here all alone? I looked back outside again warily and practically jumped at every passing shadow.
    "No no no, silly Wiggins you aren't going to get attacked. They would see no lights, no activity, they would think everyone is gone. .....Or asleep.....and then they will attack." I gulped and looked back outside again. No, stop being so foolish! No one is going to jump in here and suddenly point arrows at me. My mind found it's way straight back to the battle that would be impending for both sides. I bit my lower lip worriedly, tentatively, sighing and laying on my back looking up at the cloth ceiling.
    "I hope there is a peaceful resolve to all of this."

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