Martha (and cat) (khriskin) wrote in drabbles,
Martha (and cat)

Day 30 Prompts!

30 Days of Drabbles is at an end! ^_^

Here's hoping your Muses have had a good time, and hopefully the prompts will be useful for some time to come. I'll do a quick summup of the prompts tomorrow, so that folks can find them later if they are interested. *grin*


Verb/Action: Suffering through an illness (cold/flu/plague)
Noun/Object: Soda (Pop/Soft Drink/Non-alcoholic Beverage)
Setting: Mirror Reality
Colors: Bondi blue, Flax, Psychedelic purple
Smell: Wintergreen/Mint/Spearmint
Image: Random Google Image
TV Fandom: Law & Order (all flavors)
Song/Poem: "Hope" is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson
TV Tropes: Lex Luthor Security
Random Wikipedia Entry: Schweizer SGM 2-37
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