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Rise Again For Me [Torchwood]

TITLE: Rise Again For Me
FANDOM: Torchwood
LENGTH/RATING: 100 words, PG-13, Gen (Ianto/Jack)
SUMMARY: Day 25 Prompts: Song/Poem: Perfect by Maren Ord

He wasn't used to it, you couldn't get used to something like that, but he'd accepted the fact that Jack was going to die. Repeatedly. Ianto finished mopping, returning the Hub to its not-really-a-charnel-house facade, and wondered if they'd get through the week without having to mop again.

It was hard, digesting the concept death wasn't death; his heart still stopped when Jack took a bullet or was mauled or electrocuted or-- dropping that train of thought with a sigh, he picked up the bucket.

Life went on, in that strange disconcerting shudder, but it went on.

Welcome to Torchwood.


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